28 June 2006


Developers and Google hackers should check this out.


kofno said...

Yeah, we looked at using that for the next feature in the nw web admin, but we decided that we liked Echo2 better (at least. better for the nw web admin).

p.s. damn captcha!

tormp said...

the java compiler thing is a pretty wild idea. still want to play around with that once i have some more time.

echo2 looks really interesting. how'd you guys come across that? those translucent backgrounds are kwayzee.

for the less ambitious, the Yahoo User Interface library provides some nice common javascript stuff with a really liberal license.

kofno said...

I played around with the original echo framework, wayback when I was just a formula author. I liked, so I kept an eye it, in case an oportunity ever came up use it.