24 January 2008

23 January 2008

Fine reporting by Mike Smith...

about Mike Smith reporting on a potential job for Mike Smith.


18 January 2008

Garfield Comics Live Action

Here's this set of YouTube videos that take Garfield comic strips and make them into a live action performance. The Garfield and Odie suits are pretty lame, but the computer effects used are good in a trippy Dr. Who sort of way. The live action recreation is followed by a view of the real comic, and then a short music video.
I've been getting a good laugh since WebSphere and RAD are ruining my day.

Here's one of my favorites. The link above takes you to the Lasagna Cat website who is making these on You Tube.

It's sometimes hard to tell if Jim Davis is simply being made fun of or if the creator sort of likes him, too.

15 January 2008

Movie Date?

Whaddya say folks? Friday, 7:10pm at Regal Richmond?