31 October 2008

Fruitcake Lady

Jif suggested the fruitcake lady for an anchorbutt post. What do you think? Should I post it?

Another Funny Clip From The Tonight Show - Watch more Free Videos

A good DIY attitude

29 October 2008

my new thing

i would like to abbreviate "motherfuckin" as "muffin" in daily speech. please discuss.

28 October 2008

Further support for internet completeness

Horrible People, the web series

Follow the "This is a video response to" link beneath each video to (counterintuitively) see the next in the series

escape from Pen Island

26 October 2008

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

By Joss Whedon, with Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day. Long, but funny :)


09 October 2008

01 October 2008

both children and adults enjoy the muppets. NSFW.

Courtesy of matt. NSFW, or anywhere else. Even the internet shifted uncomfortably in its chair when this was uploaded.