22 September 2006

for the love of god, just watch

i had believed that all aspects homoerotic kirk/spock humor had been explored beyond necessity. i was wrong.

You spin me right round

This is fairly brilliant.

By way of comparision, viddy the version from the cast of the Norwegian Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. WARNING: Glistening topless Scandinavians with enormous wrenches.

15 September 2006

You remind me of the babe

He is also accessorised with three of his magical crystal balls, and riding crop.

09 September 2006

Apache on YouTube

Why can't my day job be like this?

07 September 2006

06 September 2006

Lots of Wolverines on Myspace

Neil Gaiman Just Read The TSA List of Prohibited Items


anyone else seen it? saw it today. alternately hilarious and aggravating, but compact enough to be worthwhile. posted here because the protagonist(s) (all played by Steven Soderbergh himself) reminded me just a bit of dewey. any takers on that? Anyway, I hope that he's not having an affair with his own wife. Unless he's into that.

04 September 2006

Tried to sneak one past us, eh?

Wait a second! Kofno posted the same thing to both Kofno and Anchorbutt, and nobody gave him what he had coming.