05 September 2006

Don't tell me my business, Devil Woman


tormp said...

holy opportunity for a rant!

i have recently found myself the victim of VSS, yet again. ugh. it's funny...

"everyone knows you can't use VSS over VPN... just make a remote desktop connection to the source repository and map a network drive to your computer, and it's a lot faster". like i'm an idiot for thinking that's no way to live.

how the fuck do you even write a piece of software with performance characteristics like that? and who, in their right mind, writes source control software that will sometimes overwrite a locally modified file without warning or first making a backup copy?

it's not like they can even claim that they were breaking any new ground; all they had to do was copy fucking CVS and sell it to be MERELY insidious.

i think VSS may actually qualify for two superlatives:

1. microsoft's worst product in any market;
2. the worst version control system period, commercial or freely available.

anyone care to debate either claim? maybe it would make me feel better to hear a compelling argument over either.

on the other hand, i whined enough that we're using subversion for our next project.

kofno said...

At the moment, I can't think of any software I've ever hated as much as VSS. Any attempt to debate either of your claims would simply devolve into verbal one-up-man-ship. "Oh yeah, well, one time VSS killed my whole family and then impaled them on the front lawn..."

dewey said...

1. microsoft's worst product in any market;

A bold statement, but I'm having trouble coming up with a contender for all-around worst.

There are certainly many, many MS products are are irritating to work with. For example, I'd rather sand off my eyelids than use Outlook.