30 November 2006

OK, its an easy joke

but they did find some lines that fit

Relax, It's Only a Joke...For Now

"Just because you buy a DVD to watch at home doesn't give you the right to invite friends over to watch it too. That's a violation of copyright and denies us the revenue that would be generated from DVD sales to your friends"


When did Shatner become a national joke?
You've seen the TV spot that starts off with "Shat-Lectrified!", eh? That's gold right there.

29 November 2006

10 Things You Didn't Know About Death

#5: When inventor Thomas Edison died in 1931, his friend Henry Ford captured his last dying breath in a bottle.

27 November 2006

which has more holes

the salt shaker or the pepper shaker?

come take sides in the first rancorous debate of my married life!

simulated human skin clothing

via memepool

21 November 2006

14 November 2006

09 November 2006