14 November 2006

Smokin' Aces


russ said...

I have a total man-cruch on Ryan Reynolds. He's Canadian!

tormp said...

funny you should mention that! i have the same inclinations toward jeremy piven:

Judgment Night I still have the soundtrack. That Faith No More / Boo-Yaa Tribe pairing, "Another Body Murdered", absolutely fucking priceless. Sonic Youth + Cypress Hill was fun, too.


I have this apparently false memory of him appearing in Johnny Mnemonic. Perhaps I've confused him with Dolph Lundgren.

I don't remember much about Johnny Mnemonic, though IMDB says that somebody whose real first name is "Falconer" played "Yomamma".

dcass said...

Reynolds with Beard = Serious
Reynolds without Beard = Funny

that my friends is how you use the Ryan Reynods beard legend

russ said...


ChiliCon said...

Jason, you're married now. You have to let the Piven-crush go.

tormp said...

i'm trying to get kyl to read piven's parts from judgment night. i can't decide whether i want to be emilio or cuba. she's not going for it, but i have years to work on this. years.

ChiliCon said...

Piven can play Tennis.
Can Kyle play Tennis?

ChiliCon said...

I meant Kyl. I knew that.