29 April 2007

50 Amazing Ads You've Never Seen

These are pretty awesome. (A few aren't safe for work.)

24 April 2007

Schmonz does Barcelona

I'm headed to Barcelona tomorrow for a technical conference. Wouldn't it be hilarious if it were a Lisp conference? But it's not, so you can stop theoretically smirking. Anyway, I'll be giving a talk, for which there will be after-the-fact audio (and maybe even video) footage.

If anyone wants pictures of Gaudí this or that, or needs some goods smuggled back into the States, or has suggestions of things to do and/or eat in and around Barcelona, email me.

How to get to Paris from New York

Google knows! Check out instruction # 24. Good luck :)

22 April 2007

05 April 2007

something seems strange about this article

ps. my wife the bare-faced western prostitute was so ashamed by the comportment of our despicable secular tyrant that she refused to let our effeminate son sell drugs at school today

while looking for evidence of this "article"'s dubious authenticity online, i found an amusing section of gawker dedicated to hounding successful plagiarists:


03 April 2007

Reeks of Teen Spirit

I had been pointed to Tori's version of Teen Spirit by Greg but I prefer the Gregorian Chant version: