25 April 2007

Ricky Gervais 1984 Music Video


tormp said...

i finally got around to watching this. this is fantastic.

i had assumed it was the faux rock ballad video that gervais did for The Office -- but it's actually embarrassing, instead of intentionally embarrassing.

Drew said...

Oh, I think we've all got that embarrassing "David Bowie's nicked all your stuff" phase of our life.


I wouldn't judge him too harshly.

tormp said...

i wasn't being judgmental -- i was just surprised to see him looking so embarrassed by the clip, since he's fearlessly done far more ridiculous things for a laugh.

apparently "seona dancing" was pretty big in the Philippines in the late 80s.

i suppose doing something seriously and being laughed at is embarrassing, while doing the same thing to elicit laughter is not.

dcass said...


ChiliCon said...


schmonz said...

*artistic, angsty fart*