31 May 2007

speaking of lovecraft

sleepytime gorilla museum are playing at the beachland on 6/2. they will be playing timeless classics like the above, and "the donkey-headed adversary of humanity opens the discussion". among their nearly innumerable virtues:
* endlessly amusing
* everyone in the band goes by both a first name and a last name
* the woman is an Obie
* they will do for strange things what the beatles did for other things

Lovecraft meets Memorial Day

Roast em if you've got 'em.

30 May 2007

David Icke

If we haven't mentioned this guy as a center tagger before, we should have.

23 May 2007

A Cure for Mismatched Socks

I've always matched socks on color and style... but I guess numbers would work as well.
This is a great example of creating a need through marketing.
Nice music, too.

19 May 2007

Nick Cage... our generations Chris Walken?

an honorable suicide is the only option

i'm kind of excited about transformers. why? why why why why? what the hell is going on? it's michael bay. con air. did you see con air? my god. the island. did you see the island? it was stupid, impossibly stupid. indepedence day? with wil smith? stop me. please, somebody. don't let me do this.

update. i see that i have grossly misattributed several awful films to michael bay. feel free to substitute "armageddon" and "pearl harbor" for "independence day" and "con air".

however, i feel there is a sense in which he was responsible for those films, even if he wasn't directly involved in their production.

17 May 2007

14 May 2007

Schmonz's Theorem

I have discovered the following very important theorem.

SCHMONZ'S THEOREM: Everything is the same as something else, except for something.

Example #1: THE CHEESEBURGER. The cheeseburger is the same as the hamburger, except that it also contains cheese. Schmonz's Theorem holds. An equivalent true statement can be formulated in terms of the hamburger. Normative formulations are also possible: The cheeseburger is the same as the hamburger, except that it's more awesome.

Example #2: TWO OTHERWISE IDENTICAL CHEESEBURGERS. The one cheeseburger is the same as the other cheeseburger, except that it is not the same instance of cheeseburger as the other. Schmonz's Theorem holds. Note that this is a more subtle application of Schmonz's Theorem. We are willing to assume the theoretical identicality of cheeseburgers (apart from their individual identities qua cheeseburger, of course) and Schmonz's Theorem is shown to hold even in this edge case.

Example #3: TALKING ABOUT CHEESEBURGERS TO ILLUSTRATE ABSTRACT CONCEPTS. Talking about cheeseburgers to illustrate abstract concepts is like eating cheeseburgers, only the satisfaction is intellectual rather than gustatory. Schmonz's Theorem holds.

Corollary #1: GENUS-DIFFERENTIA DEFINITION. The genus-differentia definition of Aristotle is just like Schmonz's Theorem, only more original.

Misguided Criticism #1: It has been claimed that Schmonz's Theorem lacks predictive power and can only be used retroactively to describe two things which are similar, yet different. Those who make this claim have not read Schmonz's Theorem carefully. Schmonz's Theorem clearly states that, given any two things, they will always be similar, yet different. This particular criticism is therefore like a valid criticism, only not.

Exercise #1 (for advanced students only): SCHMONZ'S SECOND THEOREM. Schmonz's Second Theorem is defined in terms of Schmonz's First Theorem. What must Schmonz's Second Theorem be?

While you're working on that, I'm a go get a cheeseburger.

String Quartet for Strings (Motoring Accident)

07 May 2007

06 May 2007

All Songs Considered

After poking around the npr site looking for the Bjork concert, I realized that this "All Songs Considered" stuff is pretty interesting. For instance, who knew that Robert Crumb played the mandolin in a band?

05 May 2007

Most suggestive headline evah

"Wang flirts with perfection; Yanks pound Mariners"

It's important to practice good hygiene

"Acquiring B-Boyz" LOL.

04 May 2007

Not a clever post

I seem to remember that at least some of you are interested in Bjork. Looks like you can see a live/free nyc concert for her new album on npr's website tomorrow night.

03 May 2007

Suicide Food

The noun 80 has one meaning

Actually it has two meanings, but they're both numbered 1.

BTW, I accidentally learned that if you double-click a word in a NYT article, such as the one Russ just posted, it brings up a definition of the word in a new window. Neat.


It's good to be a curmudgeoholic

Blue Guitar!!


02 May 2007

Voltron got served

Who's laughing now, beyotch?

01 May 2007

biblical mystery solved

perhaps j.c. was "collecting his own ducks"?

warning: the above linked site contains hours of excellent video content.