19 May 2007

an honorable suicide is the only option

i'm kind of excited about transformers. why? why why why why? what the hell is going on? it's michael bay. con air. did you see con air? my god. the island. did you see the island? it was stupid, impossibly stupid. indepedence day? with wil smith? stop me. please, somebody. don't let me do this.

update. i see that i have grossly misattributed several awful films to michael bay. feel free to substitute "armageddon" and "pearl harbor" for "independence day" and "con air".

however, i feel there is a sense in which he was responsible for those films, even if he wasn't directly involved in their production.


dcass said...

i have seen bits and pieces... its going to be cool... but not Transformers.

No shame in enjoying stupid "blow shit up" movies (hell i kindof liked Fantastic 4).

At least they are keeping the "Transforming" noise and Optimus Prime has the same voice from the cartoon.

At least Nicolos Cage isn't in it (for some reason i just felt like this is the kind of movie some a-hole would have put him in)

russ said...

Yeah, the first trailer with the Mars stuff got me excited... then the other trailers were flashy and cool... but now that I see some of the storyline from this trailer I actually have decent expectations.

I'm sure Bay will dash those, along with many fond childhood memories.

ChiliCon said...

Bay is usually a lapdog for Jerry Bruckheimer. It looks like Bay is producing this one himself. If Bruckheimer is involved, I probably won't see it. Otherwise, it's probably worth sneaking a flask into the theater.