17 May 2007



russ said...

The last ten seconds of the first season of ST:TNG, btw.

Matt Southworth said...

That's good stuff.

The first season, especially the first half, was so differently lit than the rest of the season. Much darker, more blacks and shadows. I like it, later TNGs are so sterile.

So apparently (I think I learned this in a Ron Moore BSG podcast?) the writers were God at ST. If an actor wanted to change a single word she had to call the writer up and get the change blessed. I think that helps explain why the dialog on that show - throughout all the seasons - can be sooo stilted. The actors are pissed off by being treated like props with no understanding of their characters.

Also, this was the season that featured men in skirts! Remember back when ST did crazy things just cuz?

russ said...

My only reaction is... engage.

ChiliCon said...

Man that seems lame as hell in retrospect. No offense to any trekkies.

tormp said...

i recall season 1 being pretty schlocky, with subsequent seasons getting better.

then there was a point where picard stopped being a dick altogether, and things slid downhill thereafter. too many i'm-a-cute-old-french-guy moments for his character. you could almost hear a calliope playing whenever he walked into a room.