01 May 2009

My favorite job sites

Because a few people have asked, here is my list of favorite job sites. I posted it here instead of elsewhere so that additional ideas could appear in the comments.

  • Indeed.com. Just put in a keyword and ZIP code.

  • Simplyhired.com. Similar interface and content to Indeed.

  • JuJu.com. Yet another one. Why not? It doesn't cost extra to watch all three sites.

  • Dice.com. Seems like mostly contracting gigs.

  • Craigslist. This link is for Cleveland Software jobs, so you might want to find a different city or specialization.

  • Joel On Software. The fact that a job is posted on JoelOnSoftware says something about it right away.

  • O'Reilly jobs. Sign up for one of the feeds.