01 May 2009

My favorite job sites

Because a few people have asked, here is my list of favorite job sites. I posted it here instead of elsewhere so that additional ideas could appear in the comments.

  • Indeed.com. Just put in a keyword and ZIP code.

  • Simplyhired.com. Similar interface and content to Indeed.

  • JuJu.com. Yet another one. Why not? It doesn't cost extra to watch all three sites.

  • Dice.com. Seems like mostly contracting gigs.

  • Craigslist. This link is for Cleveland Software jobs, so you might want to find a different city or specialization.

  • Joel On Software. The fact that a job is posted on JoelOnSoftware says something about it right away.

  • O'Reilly jobs. Sign up for one of the feeds.


russ said...

Found this one the other day, and it does seem useful:


Also, anyone wanting to float me a resume should hit me up.

Winsling said...

Do any of these sites have filters for, "Companies bought by Germans (Y/N)?"

MLV said...

Is linking to the page on your Facebook considered as a double posting?

dewey said...

Yes, I posted it on facebook, twitter, and minimalist weblog. That's a triple cock-punch.

My excuse is that I wanted to make sure everyone got the word who wanted it.

dewey said...

HIMSS Jobmine: http://www.himss.org/jobmine

schmonz said...

Have any of you found LinkedIn useful when actively seeking work? Otherwise?

tormp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tormp said...

does this mean the cleveland office is shutting down?

also, did they ever fix that hole that amitai kicked in the wall?

schmonz said...

If they did, so help me god, I'll come over there and kick it a new one.

dewey said...

Tormp: yes to both. I think the cleveland product is to be sunsetted and maintained by a skeleton crew.

xmattx said...