31 October 2005

I want some Mo**** Fu**** Chocolate Milk!!!

Playing video games on Xbox Live is all well and good. Arguing with your mom about chocolate milk? Sometimes OK. But if you're going to do both, remember to turn off your headset, lest you become an internet meme.

Audio NSFW.

A consumption tax...

... of your very own.

Side Effects of the Smoking Ban

Anti-smoking campaigners believed that the ban would improve health and stop people smoking. But many young Dubliners admit that they have increased their consumption of cigarettes because of the social benefits.

30 October 2005

Arcade Machine Auction

Who can shake loose on Friday morning to run out there and buy phat stuff?

jiggy pickle

28 October 2005


Just wow. Do you think these exist in America?

I imagine it would go something like this:

"Trick or Tree....... gee zuss effin kuh ryst, sicko! I'm calling Homeland Security on you!"

Prepare your self for a ground assault

27 October 2005

Truist, do you have this guy beat?

FLOMATON, Ala. -- Edmond Knowles started out saving pennies in a 5-gallon can. Thirty-eight years later, he was storing them in four 55-gallon drums and three 20-gallon drums - nearly 1.4 million in all. Knowles, who runs a gas station, cashed them in Wednesday, pocketing $13,804.59 after they were counted at a bank. "It's just something that happened," he said. "I started so long ago that I don't even remember why." He got some help along the way from customers at Ed's Service Station. "Customers would come by and say: 'Ed, throw these in your drum,'" he said. Coinstar Inc., a company that maintains coin-counting machines in banks and supermarkets, said Knowles' 1,380,459 pennies breaks the record of 1,048,013 held by Eugene J. Sukie of Barberton, Ohio.

Some are tall, some aren't

26 October 2005

24 October 2005

Aeon Flux

There's more dialog in this trailer then there was in all the episodes combined.

Top 10 Unusual Things Women Look For In A Man

Your strange grandfather is a great source of female attractiveness. Only because it makes for some interesting entertainment. You'll be telling stories. Like how grandpa got drunk once, and decided to make love to the right sub-woofer of your stereo.

Also, check out the freakish arms on the guy in number six.

Who wants McDonalds?!?!

Return to sender

22 October 2005

You mean back on May 19, 2003?

i was drunk googling trying to find that insane site Mani found years ago with the terrifying dog outfits.


When drunk, please search the Minimalist Weblog (yes, I'm bracing for a cockpunch) for the object of your desire.

In this case, it would have taken you to a dead link, but they did leave a forwarding address. It's not quite how I remember it, but you know what they say: you can't step into the same river twice.

Shit, we missed it

It was Japaense Robot Dog day just a few short weeks ago.

21 October 2005

Continuing with the infanticide theme...

12 uses for a dead baby. Truly disgusting, repulsive, and immature.

This Friday's blast from the past

Anyone else remember Fat Chicks in Party Hats? (Questionable for work, including some ads that are pretty racy.)

...bravest little hobbit of them all...

yeric wanted more Nimoy music vids....I remind you of The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

Where do babies come from?

Children's book, in german, with highly amusing pictures.

I would classify this link as NSFW.

19 October 2005

Liverpool, by the Bangles

So anyway, the Bangles are being driven down to Liverpool by Leonard Nimoy and you wouldn't believe this, but when he clicks on the radio it's a Bangles song! One of the Bangles who is not the hot one starts to sing the song, and Spock ignores this because he and Susanna Hoffs are giving each other the come hither. She's not so good at it because the director told her to only look out of the corners of her eyes, which everyone thought was unbearably sexy in Walk Like an Egyptian. However, this time around, she's sporting an unfortunate poodle haircut. Spock's sexual frustration causes him to turn off the crap song, but that situation is quickly rectified by a different Bangle who is not the hot one. They arrive at their destination, a dank tunnel with spinny purple and red lights, and rock out. Their instruments are all there, excepting the drummer's cymbals.

Vader. Yoda. Butter.

Rich, creamy, spreadable Sith Lord and Jedi Master.

Little-known Fetishes


Ladies' Fingers

via J-Walkblog, I found this recipe.

I know somebody who made these a couple years ago, and let me tell you -- they looked really creepy.

'The Simpsons' Exported to Middle East -- Minus Bacon, Beer

WTF does that leave? Four minutes of Homer saying "D'Oh"?

18 October 2005

That's Hawt

Flame On.

A few thousand science fiction covers

To balance the beer post...

some lit-rit-chur.

I've read only 17. I've started some others (Gravity's Rainbow, Sound And The Fury, Naked Lunch, White Teeth), prolly own over half, have had one on my bedside table for the last year (Atonement), and my bookclub is reading another next (Under The Net).

Would it be considered a waste of time to have read one more than once (Infinite Jest)?

Is it a sign of immaturity...

... that I still see the appeal in this?

15 October 2005

Katamari Psycho

Sweet, sweet jesus.

"On Friday night I hooked up a PS2 controller to a sturdy wooden chair with some string so it is immobile. I then taped the left analog stick in the forward direction. Then I put an oscilating fan in front of the controler-chair setup. To the fan, I attached a string with a loop on the end of it. I put this loop around the other analog controller so that when the fan oscilates, it pulls the stick in different directions.

The purpose of this setup is to collect one million roses in We Love Katamari."

"When I left for work today it was still on, rolling away, and had collected around 430,000 roses so far."

(link found on boingboing)

13 October 2005

Ever had Web Deja Vu?

Lately I've been seeing a lot of web sites and not remembered whether or not I have seen them before. Like The West Virginia Surf Report.

These could be handy

Can anyone think of other check boxes they could have added?

Eyesore of the month

12 October 2005

How bad would it suck...

... to insulate yourself from every danger you could conceive of only to suffer "[a] series of heart attacks (from Vioxx)...".

Kabaddi match!

Skins versus, uh ... skins. Wait, what is it we're playing again?

Underwear vs. Underpants

Ah Wikipedia - you can even teach me to be funny! Rutabaga!

There's World Database of Happiness?

That sounds like something that would be in continual peril from super-villains.

Russ likes cover songs

Lou Barlow (yes THAT Lou Barlow) remakes Round-n-Round by RATT.
It just makes sense.

Check it out (warning: iTMS link)

11 October 2005

Found porn

The following are the first and last few sentences of a message that just arrived in my own personal inbox:

Just a reminder, that the deadline for registration for the Putnam exam is tomorrow. If you haven't heard about Putnam before, we apologize for the extremely late notice... All you have to do to register is send Freida Bloggs your full name, and if you want sex (there's a special award for women).

Best regards,
Columbia Math Club

I wonder what the English Club (or, for that matter, the College Republicans) would have to say about this.

I can think of at least one Triumph quote to describe the "special award for women."

Thus, I am a jerk. Q.E.D.

(For what it's worth, I "opted in" to this particular list.)

OMG I just got nomin8d!!!1!!

If this is not a joke, then it is funny. But if it is a joke, then it is not funny.

Worst Fake Comment Ever

I just received a bunch of these spam comments at my other blog (which I won't link because I'm tired of being punched in the cock). I removed the links from the comment, but left the shoddy grammar:

Your blog is great If your a writer and print alot, I'm sure you'd be interested in inkjet media inkjet cartridge inkjet media

My question: Why bother with Your blog is great in what is obviously a spam? Bullshitting on the web is basically free, so, if you're going to, why not bring the dumptruck?

P.S. It would seem that the word verification for blogger comments has been compromised.

What I really want to know is this...

...how did John Wilkes Booth manage to assassinate someone with an adamantium skeleton?


Funny video. Language NSFW.

I don't know who else uses this stuff

I know not everyone is using all the features of iTunes, namely podcasting and its ability to play video content. BUT, if you do have iTunes > 4.9 hit this link and subscribe. Its kind of cool. Its a video postcast. Actually, its a Quicktime TVR spherical view of cool places filmed across the globe (like cool shots of the Parthenon, etc...). All the downloads are rather large (like around 11 MB) but its free. I like it, you may not.

Who Was General Tso And Why Are We Eating His Chicken?

Holy crap it works!

it even guessed "asshole"!

10 October 2005

Cleveland To Be Invaded by Beautiful Swedes

Tonight, at the Grog Shop, everybody's favorite Swedish band, Dungen, will rock. Hard. And Progressively.

Simpsonize is the new...

... pasteurize.

Pet Costumes

Your dog wants to trick or treat.

09 October 2005

07 October 2005

Eric is the Man

He-Man Sings "4-Non-Blondes"

Monkey paintings



I've had a few people comment recently that Anchorbutt seems to be very active, and it looks like it's going to stick around. In light of this new, optimistic outlook, I figured it might be time to think about Anchorbutt 2.0. Here are the thoughts I have had, in order from least work to the most.

1. Leave it alone. It's not worth any effort.

2. Register the domain name anchorbutt.com and have blogger publish the blog to that web site. Everything will remain as it is now, except that you'd load www.anchorbutt.com to view the blog. (Still update it from blogger.com.).

3. Foresake anchorbutt and start a new blogger blog with a less embarassing name.

4. Combination of 2 and 3: register a name besides anchorbutt.com to publish the blog to.

5. Register some domain name and throw out blogger altogether. Install some content management system and become uber-cool.

To help decide what to do, I've created a poll! Everyone loves polls, right? But also post comments with other suggestions, alternate names, content managements systems we could use, and whatever else you think of.

Speak up people!

(Follow the link for the poll. Blogger won't let me include it here because it uses javascript.)

The All-Ages Kirk/Spock Archive: Star Trek gay romantic art.

Because you don't need to be an adult to appreciate whatever this is.

Pet friendly concept car

Now that's what I call a dash hound!

My favorite...

... spice.

Lost fanatics, beware.

I'm not sure at all if I'm happy I read this. I don't know anything for sure, but I'm pretty sure this will explain everything. If you don't want any spoilers, don't go.

Effing funny

Cat + Duct Tape = Laughs!

06 October 2005

it's no E.T.

someone take a look at the picture in that article and tell me if it's "safe for work".

Is that...

a euphemism?

*prolly NSFW if someone's looking over your shoulder, but no bad images.

05 October 2005

Mom's Apple Pie

Though I've never heard of it, the description states that this is "the most well known record cover ever". I've lived a sheltered life.

Oh yeah, and don't click through if you're at work (unless you work at Noteworthy).

Did you ever just look at a band picture...

...and know exactly what they sounded like?

I hope you like the paint job...

...because you paid for it.

04 October 2005

03 October 2005


With a name like "PervWatch", it could be any kind of web site, but in fact it is a mashup of Google Maps and registered sex offender databases. Only FL TX CA NY are covered.

Small Band of Rebels part 2

Chewie on drums!

Noogie fight!!

02 October 2005

Here are the jerks who are supporting the broadcast flag

Notice that being a technophobic asshole crosses party lines. It's the tie that binds...

electronic appliance repair around cleveland?

DVD/CD player on the fritz. Looks like a mechanical problem. Anyone got any recommendations?

I know, why repair it when I can throw it away and buy three new ones made in the same impoverished nation. But still, it's principle.

Where Willy Went

Oh, boy.