31 October 2006

Meat Tablecloth

Gotta gets me one of these.

29 October 2006

dark crystal sequel?

what do you think? great news? i guess it's genndy tartakovsky, which could be nice. i should disclose that i am a big fan of the original.


more info, some of which may be true: wikipedia.

in other news, Baby Toby's mother (in real life) is credited as a yoda fabricator for The Empire Strikes Back.

27 October 2006

12 October 2006


He'll save children but not the British children.

09 October 2006

Sweet Green

What if George Lucas had made LOTR? (8 minutes long, but funny, if you're into that kind of thing).

01 October 2006

You sent me white rum, baby, white rum.

For the record, baby, I like red rum.

(gotta scroll down a bit, but it's there)