31 March 2006

Wheels stolen at work

Donkey Puncher sent me this picture in email this morning with the subject line "wheels stolen at work". Ha!!

28 March 2006

i love sleepytime gorilla museum

So does this gentleman.

cory sucks . com

link via metafilter.

I don't know if any of you read boing boing...

For some reason I've developed this dislike for one of the posters which I admit is totally lame.

I guess, though, i'm not the only one.

26 March 2006

25 March 2006

Toothpaste Ad

That kid's smile is creepy.

24 March 2006

Buy A T-Shirt, Get the Gore for Free

Buy one of these beauties and you can select how much gore you want on it.

20 March 2006

Celebrities separated at birth

Saddam and Victor French

17 March 2006

Biker Wash

Wash your motorcycle and your body with one product!

Cowboy Leg Beautiful Pole

Man fruit braise the north almond? I don't recommend the man fruit.

16 March 2006

What the hell?

I feel like my dad: "What the hell is going on?"

15 March 2006

Think Globally, Act Nerdy

Is anybody out there going to Notacon this year?

I went last year, and it was pretty good. The sessions were really interesting, and we met a lot of cool people. It's also pretty cheap, especially if you live here in Cleveland, since you don't have to worry about flights or hotels.

Here's the schedule.

I highly recommend it!

14 March 2006

El burrito mas fina

How we all enjoy this man's burritos!

12 March 2006

renee french

My appreciation for the plan 9 logo ("Glenda") led me to check out Renee French's portfolio, which has lots of amusingly effed up stuff in it.

09 March 2006

Chief Wana Dubie

A vote for Chief Wana Dubie is a vote for... hey man, do we have any pizza left?

07 March 2006

It's my Year!

Triumph and the Chinese New Year.

Kids cryin' again

Scared of her shadow.

02 March 2006

01 March 2006

Driving the Speed Limit is Dangerous

A fine display of civil obedience.