16 March 2006

What the hell?

I feel like my dad: "What the hell is going on?"


mani said...

ohmigod. I can't wait to see this. It's been out for a year or two but, like, only in Japan or somewhere.

Fun fact: Matthew Barney and Bjork are married and have a baby.


mani said...

also, for those still in CleveLand, the Cremaster cycle will be shown at the cinematheque again starting march 24.


tormp said...

awesome! mine just descended this year! i'm totally going.

Rizzo said...

I can't see it.
My computer sucks.
Texas sucks.

russ said...

I'm thinking the trailer guarantees either nekkid Bjork or Bjork-does-Geldof, so oit's definitely a must-see.

tormp said...

i was more into the monumental vaseline sculpture element. i don't really want to evaluate how that ranks against seeing bjork naked on my list of things to do.

and i would be happy to be in texas right now.

mani said...

hey tormp! are you mocking me or are you really totally going? if it's the latter, I'll see you there.


tormp said...

no, i actually do want to see these... films. i wanted to see them the last couple of times they came through town, and just haven't had the intestinal fortitude to go through with it.

i think i'll definitely see part I and II on friday, and if that goes well i'll consider hitting the other installments too.

mani said...

oh. sweet. I'll see you there.