30 June 2005

Apple Camp

Send your kids -- or your gf's nephews -- to Apple Camp.

Dumbass skateboards off a garage roof.

Finally makes it.

Funniest Tramp Stamp EVAR!

This image is safe for work, although others on the site may not be.

It disturbs me...

...that I can't seem to stop watching tetka.


A high res of good ol' King Kong

Do you think...

...this jibes with your world? Doesn't this mean there would be a new famous person in your life every day (on average)?


If you had 9 square feet of this, what would you do with it?


The BIID link reminded me of this (it's a pretty loose association)

Venus, or Bowling Ball Art

Body Integrity Identity Disorder


29 June 2005


People can do some kickass things w/ Blender. Of course, I can't...

Photos of the Gorillaz playing live at WOXY

It's good to see them getting out.

I could watch this all day

"I had some spare time so I recently joined PETA. My first assignment was to save a small antelope in Africa, and the rescue was filmed to critique my effort. Let me know what you think."

You're a million ways to be cruel.

And one of them is to make me watch these dudes dance.

28 June 2005

Behold the power of the dark side

For those of y'all that haven't seen this yet...

Hugging Trees

I need 11 planets. How many do you need?

This is what Disney...

... is terrified of. Luggit this! You don't even have to pay!

You mean I'm not "enigmatic"?

The truth about user pictures.

"No. I'm not the 'dude' from Phantasm"


Watch out for the Cheese Ninja.

Sugar Bush Squirrel

Irv refuses to post sugar bush squirrel to Anchorbutt. Let us harass him.

24 June 2005

Tony Robbins...

... thirsty!


Don't fire a cannon like this guy!

22 June 2005

Funniest spam ever!

I just received the following unsolicited commercial email message. It made me gigle.

Dear Website Owner,

Firstly we apologize for sending this email.

Your web server getting alert!

Your webhosting company hosts 1109 websites on your server which hosts your website and this is too much number for a server.These too much websites causes slower to your webserver.You can find the information about your webserver from this URL. http://whois.webhosting.info/

If you look for a fast and unproblem server,our company gives you the suitable and the fastest webserver solutions.With 5 years experience and with the xeon 4 processor webserver,we are helping you.Our network connection is 400 mbps.It is more faster than the server that hosts your website.We support 7/24 emailand telephone .Our webhosting solutions are at this URL. www.atlasholding.net .There is the professional control panels for windows(hosting controller) and unix (cpanel) which helps you for managing your hostinbg account and website.It is very easy.

Your webserver's speed Our webserver's speed

Also we are giving 5 days test account for every customer.

Best Regards


What if they threw a monkey trial...

...and nobody came?


Kofno, shown here loving a python, will enjoy this interview with Python progenitor Guido van Rossum.

Apple's Dashboard on Windows?

For all ya'll that like that extra destop widgetry, the team at Konfabulator have got you covered.

21 June 2005

Thumb Drive


and Weeeeeeee!

Who could forget Gonads and Strife?

Medical Mary Jane

The Onion

From when Cleveland rocked

Also, astute readers will pick up on one of my sources for obscure bloggery.

(from fark)

What did geeks do before electricity?

Scavenger Hunt Follow-Up

I found another web site with colorful tabs.

Diode Choker

And other jewelery.

No tongue

20 June 2005

Preshrunk: Come See Iraq

This is a funny shirt. It perfectly recreates the feel of those annoying Florida tourism t-shirts.

phantastic, phunctional, phalic

Farty McTootlepants, mark II

Originally uploaded by Nate Allen.
OK folks, she's here: Grace Lorraine Allen, born June 16 (_not_ July 16, as I originally posted); 8 lbs, 2 oz; 20 1/4 inches long. (Updated with better link, click the post title.)

new sport for doug to follow

donkey basketball.

William Shattner is Canadian?

That's what it says here!

This image from the page is priceless:

HRWiki is teh roxxor

STRONG BAD: Um... no. I don't really have any interest in invading my own—

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ten-hut! Draft dodger, eh? We'll see if those trees you're always hugging save you when Gordon Lightfoot's creeping round your back stair. Company... Halt! Backwards... March!

BTW: New Teen Girl Squad today.

Tune in Tonight

Don't forget to tune in to Dial-A-Dork tonight, 9pm 1300AM if you're in Cleveland or on the web at the icecast location. Or, listen tomorrow by download.

This just in...

russ belongs to more bizarre niche groups then anyone else, notably the one of eight people (currently) in the continental US who knows who Serge Gainsbourg is, and the one of 12 people that saw Naked in New York in the theater. The previous holder of this dubious distinction was our own Ryan Leaf, who owns a jumpsuit, but not a pacemaker

All ye fear

the ass kicking pilgrim!

Film Reco

I recently grabbed Primer off of Pay-Per-View (incidentally, DirecTivo + PPV = no more trips to the video store, as you can record your movie choice and watch it later, all for $3.99, which might be double a rental but there really are no late fees -- as I can testify because I've had Ray downloaded since ferrevah and still haven't watched it).

Interesting little movie, I believe it just came out on DVD. See if you can get your hands on it. It's a sci-fi time travel reality play in a very ordinary current day setting. It is somewhat-to-fairly confusing. And it's pretty watchable, for a movie that cost seven Gs to make.

Since I'm one of...

about eight people (currently) in the continental US who knows who Serge Gainsbourg is, I offer this wacky clip of him making a bumbling pass at Whitney Houston.

O, I wanna dance with some-body.

Osama Bin Laden really Wooly Willy?

Stallone to play Kofno in Anchorbutt movie

You may have already noticed Sylvester Stallone's pattern of playing characters with names of the pattern consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant, vowel. This makes him eligible to play Kofno in the Anchorbutt movie.

Ralph Macchio to play Russ.

18 June 2005

If you need a father's day gift BAD!

Manties: Panties for men.

you know, to let him know that you care... AND that you know.

For those nights and days, when you want to be and feel a little special, naughty, and very sexy, these panties are made for you.

17 June 2005

The Bjork Song

By the Brunching Shuttlecocks.

Signs of Strength and Frailty

This is fairly humorous

Mario is a hero in the classic archetypal style. Bowser is clearly Mario's estranged father, against whom Mario must struggle for his own atonement, in order that he may eventually transcend his father's greatness and embark upon the apotheosis to godhood. Since we’re dealing with classic archetypes, wherein only the males are worth a damn, the Princess clearly should have known better than to go out into the world with a vagina unprotected by a husband. Her folly distracts Mario from his true goal of sitting around all day, eating magic mushrooms, and having sex with Toad.

Drew wants a blog entry,

Drew gets a blog entry. Now learn, and shudder.

GlugGlugGlug JingleJingle

Of course, your bike needs a beer bell.

Triumph vs. Jackson supporters

Very funny.

I always enjoy...

reading John's review of his nards.

no...harder...harder...too hard

I always enjoy reading Jim's review of Hit Me Baby One More Time.

16 June 2005

Never gets old

I'll never get tired of watching this parallel parking video.

If this passes, it is going to be almost impossible to live in Ohio

Scene Cover Story

Leave my freedoms alone you damn dirty moral nazis.

Anyone that can guess...

...the GIS that I used to turn up this, I will give you $20. Seriously.

I browse too much

Interesting post by Chris Anderson about the various niche "tribes" on the web, and the memes that develop.

I'm not sure what it says about me, but I knew about every single fad he mentioned.

Time to upgrade your Photoshop

if only for this cool easter egg!

As ArsTechnica put it, "Monkieeeeeeees Iiiiiiiin Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace......".

Imaginary money to the first person who knows what that quote is a reference too.

Must combine iPod with everything...

I like the idea of this one though I'll need an iPod to go with it.


Mütter Museum

Seems like a lot of our readers are from Philadelphia. That makes me remember the time I went to visit the Mütter Museum and sent back the post card of the guy's colon who couldn't poo.


The skyrocketing readership and frequency of postings on Anchorbutt has prompted me to make some tweaks to the page layout.

Here is a summary of the changes:

  • bumped the number of posts from 32 to 64 so that they don't fall off the bottom as fast
  • removed the "previous posts" section from the side bar, since that's pointless
  • switched the archive frequency from monthly to weekly

Not that anybody probably cares.

Also, if you're one of the roughly one-third of the readers who is hitting the site with Internet Explorer, be cool and upgrade to Firefox.

BTW, if you like the graphs in this post, you can find more of them by clicking the "site meter" button down at the bottom of this page.

15 June 2005


Check us out on BlogShares.

Ok, readers...

...how did you find us? Tell us in the comments.

I'm going to feel really sad if the answers are all "so-and-so poster told me to read it."

And cause I'm supposed to, here's something dumb to catch your interest:

Whoa, we have a reader.

Shoutout to Pencopal. (We are the "via" link.)

It's been a pot-o-gold kind of day

Where this image came from

If this can make it in the U.K.


we should be able to as well.

Karate Kid

The this kid has a sweet mullet. (posted here since the Minimalist blog has no comments section)

Separated at birth?

The jumpsuited one observes a tabbish similarity between the Power Panther site and the site of a certain software company.

Scavenger hunt! Who can find other such tabs on a web site? (No fair creating your own web site with colorful tabs just to score points.)

I opine that aloof != cool

If the only reason you're doing something is because everybody else does it, well that's pretty lame. But if the only reason you're not doing something is because everybody else does it, well, then that's lame too.


This one goes out to...

...Mani. In all its preserved glory.

In other news, I was not really cognisant of the fact that Weird Science was a John Hughes movie. Weird. Another classic Bill Paxton role, tho.


Niche Markets

It's me, blogging me, blogging me...

Shameless cross-blogging about goats.

Product Review: Market Pantry Diet Cola

It's what I'm squeezing now.

I went to Target yesterday and picked up a 12-pack of store-brand diet cola for $1.99. Seemed like a good deal.

The can says "Save on every sip of soda. Each Market Pantry flavor delivers great taste for less". Geez, this stuff is awful. If "hardly anything" had a taste, it would be this, and if overcarbonation is a word, it applies to this soda!

DIY corpses

If that "Girls and Corpses" magazine caught your eye, here's how you can make corpse replicas from unwanted poultry. Don't know how you're going to make your own girls. Maybe someone else can blog that.

Yes, I know you already saw it on BoingBoing. Dag, yo. Blogging just isn't fun anymore, because by the time you get around to blogging something, it's already been on BoingBoing.


Not everyone is comfortable wearing a sombrero.

14 June 2005

Everybody needs free stuff

Everyone should check out Freecycle. From the website: "The Freecycle Network™ is made up of many individual groups across the globe. It's a grassroots movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. Each local group is run by a local volunteer moderator (them's good people). Membership is free. To sign up, find your community by clicking on the region on the right. It will generate an automatic e-mail which, when sent, will sign you up for your local group and send you a response with instructions on how it works. Or, go directly to the Web site for your local group by clicking on your community's link on the left. Can't find a group near you? You might want to consider starting one (click on "Start a Group" for instructions). Have fun!"

I got a lawnmower from the ClevelandFreecylce group and regularly see lots of useful stuff for offer.


What teens are reading these days...


Happy Flag Day.

Yo. Swimsuit Flag Day. Biker Flag Day.

13 June 2005

Atom / Blogger observation

I'm not very Atom savvy, and I am not certain how blogger constructs its feed, but all of the content entries are not formatted the same way. Content entered through the blogger interface shows up with the html escaped. Entries made from a third party interface, like the Firefox BlogThis plug-in show up with the html unescaped. This seems to impact how some feed aggregators interpret images.

Sexuality According to the Word of God

Thou shalt swallow!


Thou shalt have no more than one dude in a threesome!

"stuff + cats = awesome"

Super-awesome internet radio

WOXY used to be a Cincinnati FM station, but now it is internet-only. I've been listening to it for a couple of days . . . I haven't heard any drivel yet, and have heard from quite a few off-the-beaten path artists that I like. Robyn Hitchcock is playing right now.

You've got to be pulling my...

leg, dawg..

Before Guiliani...

... pitching a tent in Times Square was the norm.

Sitemeter Added

I dropped a site meter link on the bottom of the page. Feel free to click on it and see what kind of traffic we're getting.



Don't go there.

I warn you, this interactive video is highly disturbing. Do not play with it.

12 June 2005

10 June 2005

09 June 2005

An orphan killing machine

Screamers: "a poor little orphan boy called David is found hanging around...but David turns out to be a deranged android killing machine."

I've always wanted this for myself...