26 November 2008

Just in time for the holidays.

I can not help but like couple number one.

16 November 2008

youtube as t -> ∞

as recently my blood curdled into boiling black hate while subjected to gap's "jingle bells" commercial, i retreated into fond memories of nintendo's battletanx commercials (late 90s?). and lo, they are available on youtube:


youtube commenter "tnitro81" really demonstrates an aptitude for the "sports radio" school of internet commentary:

I like the part when the bear put his head up then the doctor put it back down and when the tank hits the bear! I love this commercial!

More art inspired by snugglebear:

14 November 2008

Drunk History

Various people get drunk and narrate historical events. Their narration is reenacted word-for-word in soft focus. Fantabulous. Here's the first of (so far) five:

07 November 2008

Dorothy spells Spells Spell's

She knows how to manipulate the universe to bring your lover back, but punctuation is not her strong suit. Awesome animated GIFs on every page.