29 February 2008

What if Garfield was Just in Jon's head?

then its a lot more funny, that's what.

22 February 2008

5 Comic Books You Should Read (my opinion, in response to two posts ago)

The Dark Knight Returns
Frank Miller's (300, Sin City, Daredevil, etc...) telling of Batman coming out of retirement and somehow losing his mustache

Cerebus: Church & State Vol 1 & 2 (counts as one)
Dave Sim's 2 phonebook masterpiece
(I have re-read this almost as much as DKR, its really good)

Alan Moore is almost good at everything (League of Extraordinary Gentleman, V for Vendetta, Killing Joke, From Hell, etc...)

Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron
Daniel Clowes (Ghost World, David Boring, Art School Confidential ?!?, etc...)
By far the weirdest of the lot. If this were ever made into a movie and was true to the book, it would be the best thing ever... ever)

The Amazing Screw on Head
Mike Mignola (the Hellboy guy) its a single comic... never made any more to the series because its perfect and they didn't want to ruin it. Alas, its kindof hard to find :(
ALSO, WATCH THE DVD. They made a pilot for it (Paul Giamatti as Screw on Head, David Hyde Pierce as Emperor Zombie). They never made any more. Once again it came out so perfect they were scared they'd ruin it.

Here are some more goodies to check out:

From Hell
Alan Moore (About Jack the Ripper, a very "grown up" comic book... i would estimate Jason would like it)

Cerebus: High Society (book 2, leads up to Church & State)

All of the Runaways books (you can get by with only knowing a little Marvel uni)

Daredevil #1 by Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada

The Hellboy Books

New X-Men Omnibus

19 February 2008

Watchmen is a Wrap

Anyone who hasn't read Watchmen should pick it up now. The movie should be good (the 300 guy is doing it). Its one of the "5 Comics Everyone Should Read"