29 June 2006

Just what every GPS nav system needs

"Mr. T never takes I-90 at rush hour… I pity the fool that doesn't take the next left."

28 June 2006


Developers and Google hackers should check this out.

Love it or Leave it (or: America: Dumb and Dumber Part II)

This is a pretty good social studies quiz.

I'm pretty shocked at how badly J-walk did.

Mmmm....die Kuh

In reference to yesterday's off-blog conversation... French words for food; German words for animals.

(missing from the list is 'Chicken' which is 'Ku:cken' in German.)

27 June 2006

Hand of God - GOAL!

If you played the real game, and you also played the Nintendo game, you might find this funny.

'Looked like a hand ball, that!'

How much God?

It's kind of unclear.

26 June 2006


Puts me to shame

No hacky sacks were harmed in the making of this video.

Overheard in New York meets Google Maps

A mash-up I haven't seen on boing-boing... yet.

22 June 2006

Movies at Playhouse Square this summer

I propose an Anchorbutt meet-up on Thursday, August 17 for the Holy Grail.

unpimp your ride.


21 June 2006

I'm a bargain shopper

I've been reading some blogs about deals via RSS cuz I'm a big honkin' consumer from way back. In theory these help me save money, but in reality it means I spend more and have more gadgets. Huzzah.

Anyway, here is the weirdest deal I've ever seen.

Now get out there and save!

World Cup fans exposed to Gamma Radiation

19 June 2006

"I pooted"

I was confused by the billboard on I-480 Westbound next to the Valley View bridge. It said simply "I pooted". What else could I do but google it? I found a likely answer.

Amusing T-shirt

"Come over to the dark side; we have candy"

Gimme Gimme Octopus!


More from WFMU

I used to put this on in the background while the band was recording, until they forced me to take it off because it was freaking them out. The structure of the show, as far as I can make out, is that in the opening the Octopus sees something with his telescope (from his treehouse) he wants to grab for his own. His buddy the peanut (or squash?) helps him take it, usually through theft, trickery, or swords and guns.

Pimpin ain't easy

If you go to Family Guy (dot com), you can click "pimp my stewie".

16 June 2006

Deep Thoughts

This morning one of my favorite webcomics, made a comment about a news story that was circulating about Stephen Hawking and the Pope.

Anyway, the story resonated with me and Scott Kurtz blogged this paragraph by Carl Sagan.

"Those afraid of the universe as it really is, those who pretend to nonexistent knowledge and envision a Cosmos centered on human beings will prefer the fleeting comforts of superstition. They avoid rather than confront the world. But those with the courage to explore the weave and structure of the Cosmos, even where it differs profoundly from their wishes and prejudices, will penetrate its deepest mysteries."
-Carl Sagan

15 June 2006

Write your own caption

Useful Software

This software lets you use a single keyboard and mouse to control multiple PC's. (All without a KVM!)

12 June 2006

Paisley Print -- burn it don't wear it

yadda yadda yadda -- note the use of center tag -- yadda yadda yadda

11 June 2006

Nature, Vacuum Reconcile

WWN never fails to amuse.

09 June 2006

Let's hope...

...that this recent spate of posting helps us reverse some trends.

Hitler cats!


Beverage ratings

. . . just in case you were wondering whether to have "Pimp Juice" or "Nuky Rose Soda" with your taco.


</Ogre impression>

But you know, the cool kind that make stuff.

08 June 2006

I want Doug to wear this...

...while working out. He'll be the talk of the gym, esp. when he lifts his car out of the swamp.

07 June 2006

01 June 2006

A little Jedi cross-training

I refuse to call it table tennis.

Don't be educated a singularity idiot!

Get your very own Time Cube today!

PS, has anyone checked out the actual site recently? Looks like he's railing against Wikipedia's entry on him now. Quoth Gene Ray:

Wikipedia allowing the educated stupid
to evaluate the 4 simultaneous 24 hr. days
within a single rotation of Earth, equates
allowing atheist to proof-read the bible.

(sic on that whole thing, of course)