09 June 2006

Beverage ratings

. . . just in case you were wondering whether to have "Pimp Juice" or "Nuky Rose Soda" with your taco.


tormp said...

the manufacturer on "beer water":

"Featuring four different flavors, Stilhouse Springs is a new line of bottled waters".

bevnet on "beer water":

"Beer Water features the "taste of beer...the smell of beer...without the alcohol." Giving it an 'F' doesn't even do justice to how bad it is. In fact, we think that giving Beer Water an F is an insult to all other products that have ever received an F. It is by far the worst beverage we have ever tasted. Not only is the idea ridiculous, but it tastes like cheap seltzer water that accidentally fermented, and it smells like a roadside pub at 3 AM."

dewey said...

"Old Tyme" Ginger Beer -- with the pirate on the label -- is the kind I was thinking of. The only (reasonable) mention of it that I can find on the Web is on a page about Ginger Altoids.