29 December 2005

Cuidado! Vomito de gato

Note the use of the center tag.

The ultimate showdown

Took forever to load, but worth watching, I think.

28 December 2005

in a perfect world

crazy fuckers would be able to do whatever they want. apparently, this is a perfect world. you must at least read through the history section.

25 December 2005

24 December 2005

Optical Illusion

I have no idea how this works but if you look at the image for about 5 minutes, you can see a ninja robot in the background.

22 December 2005

mr. pibb + red vines = crazy delicious

my cat didn't like it. i thought it was funny as hell.

18 December 2005

Howtoons help proto-geeks get their nerd on

Comic-style instructions for building and doing nerdy stuff...like counting to 1023 using only your 10 fingers.

another "OO" fad language

recent wikipedia featured article. not bad, though i think the article as structured will be confusing to non-specialists. seems they might have split it up into several articles, though i think they do a reasonable job of at least raising the many, many points that should be discussed in a comprehensive discourse on the language / platform / marketing machine that is java.

i didn't know that java was originally designed to run embedded in cable set-top boxes and microwaves, with the "web thing" being mostly a crime of opportunity.

16 December 2005


For her 17th wedding anniversary, Jeanette Yarborough wanted to do something special for her husband. In addition to planning a hotel getaway for the weekend, Ms. Yarborough paid a surgeon $5,000 to reattach her hymen, making her appear to be a virgin again.

14 December 2005

now, where was I?


i want to go see the big CGI monkey. as if that weren't already cool, i've also heard that people get eaten by giant slugs. so, who's interested? i know that it's showing tonight.

For the love of god, stop washing your baby or whatever and go see this thing. It's amazing.

13 December 2005

G2G Share -- Google Hack for File Sharing

Found on Newsforge, interesting concept for yet another Google hack.

Hurra Torpedo is not back... or are they?

they are just getting paid for Ford commercials


i like them anyways

12 December 2005

Bunny Suicides

Jim's blog has a link to creative ways for bunnies to commit suicide. Highly amusing.

11 December 2005

"They got him"

This clip is crying out for a caption contest. How about: "They told me I wasn't allowed to hit suspects with my nightstick anymore."

09 December 2005

Who thinks this is a good idea?

I have very vague recollections of sitting on Santa's lap. None too horrifying but at the same time none particularly happy. I mean really...

An oldie but a goodie

The Largest Carrot Collection in the World

Chinese subtitles raise some questions about ROTS

From the scene in which General Greiveous laments the pitiable skills of the droids...


so there's this expensive MOVIE about MONKEYS and DINOSAURS on an ISLAND and they are PISSED OFF and EAT people. I want to SEE IT. anyone interested?


08 December 2005

Optical Illusion

Caption: I have no idea how this works but if you look at the image for about 5 minutes, you can see a waterfall in the background.

06 December 2005

Apotheosis of shlock horror flick coming to fruition

Samuel L. Jackson will be appearing in a movie titled "Snakes on a Plane".

From Wikipedia:
At some point, the film's working title was altered to Pacific Air Flight 121, to the consternation of many. Josh Friedman declined the script offer upon hearing the new title. In August 2005, a perturbed Samuel L. Jackson told an interviewer, "We're totally changing that back. That's the only reason I took the job: I read the title." The film has currently reverted back to the working title of Snakes on a Plane.

All I can say is, thank God.

Hurra Torpedo at Fridgehenge

BadgersBadgersBadgersBadgers DanceMixDanceMix!

Ohh, a snake!

Holy Tango of Literature

"THE QUESTION of what would happen if poets and playwrights wrote works whose titles were anagrams of their names is one that has been insufficiently studied in the past..."

For instance,


It is an ancient Mariner,
And he taketh lots of drugs,
And he thinks his beard is made of snakes
And his body crawls with bugs.


Tell me have you played the Dev-il's game called Secret Santa?

Posted after much nagging by Mr Trump

05 December 2005

Hillary pursues the viking vote

Something ridiculous!

Sandy bought Dewey and I some toys that grow in water! Here are the pix.

04 December 2005

US Military planned gay bomb

The article says:

the researchers proposed that strong aphrodisiacs be dropped on enemy troops. The idea was that the deliriously loved-up men would unable to resist one another, but would be suffused with regret once the potion wore off.

Were they just going to lob extasy on Iraqi encampments?

03 December 2005


My friend Tony observed that this is creepy.

Hold it with both hands
Particularly after reading this.

01 December 2005

Ample parking day or night

It's true about the brown ones

Van Halen really did say they didn't want 'em.