01 June 2006

Don't be educated a singularity idiot!

Get your very own Time Cube today!

PS, has anyone checked out the actual site recently? Looks like he's railing against Wikipedia's entry on him now. Quoth Gene Ray:

Wikipedia allowing the educated stupid
to evaluate the 4 simultaneous 24 hr. days
within a single rotation of Earth, equates
allowing atheist to proof-read the bible.

(sic on that whole thing, of course)


tormp said...

... does that quote actually represent something like a coherent thought? i mean, the premises are all fucked up, but allowing that, he, uh, kind of has a point.

russ said...

Kind of... but then if you read the Wikipedia article I would say it's about as fair as he could possibly hope for. Maybe more.

Of course, older version might've been a little tougher.