16 November 2008

youtube as t -> ∞

as recently my blood curdled into boiling black hate while subjected to gap's "jingle bells" commercial, i retreated into fond memories of nintendo's battletanx commercials (late 90s?). and lo, they are available on youtube:


youtube commenter "tnitro81" really demonstrates an aptitude for the "sports radio" school of internet commentary:

I like the part when the bear put his head up then the doctor put it back down and when the tank hits the bear! I love this commercial!

More art inspired by snugglebear:


dcass said...

god i miss jason

dewey said...

Yes, many people can encounter an amusing item on the web and hurl it at Anchorbutt, but few can curate a post with such loving attention.

tormp said...


it turns out the bear has a name ("Treddy Bear") and unilever aggressively "protected" their dirty snugglefucker in U.S. courts.

MLV said...

Wow! Never had that back home. I missed out big time.