29 October 2006

dark crystal sequel?

what do you think? great news? i guess it's genndy tartakovsky, which could be nice. i should disclose that i am a big fan of the original.


more info, some of which may be true: wikipedia.

in other news, Baby Toby's mother (in real life) is credited as a yoda fabricator for The Empire Strikes Back.


dewey said...

it's genndy tartakovsky

Get ready for thick black lines around everyone!

In spite of (or perhaps because of) his penchant for thick black lines, I'm a fan of everything I've seen from Genndy.

dcass said...

oh god yes.

mani said...

Probably because I didn't see my first horror movie until I was like 17 or 18, Dark Crystal was the most horrific movie memory I had...

Until I saw it as an adult. Completely ruined.

A child's suspension of disbelief is pretty amazing -- makes you wonder about the necessity or even desirability of those snazzy CGI effects in children's movies.

ChiliCon said...

I saw Poltergeist when I was 6 and I was traumatized.
Dark Crystal not so much. I think the only thing I have trouble with now is the bad guys annoying voices.

Without consulting the internet what was the race of bad guys and the race of the good guys?

russ said...

skecsies and gelflings?

a big (sp?) to both of course.

tormp said...

skeksis and the UrSomething (UrNuk? UrLuk?) were the zen vulture-alpaca-separated-then-conjoined things.