31 May 2007

speaking of lovecraft

sleepytime gorilla museum are playing at the beachland on 6/2. they will be playing timeless classics like the above, and "the donkey-headed adversary of humanity opens the discussion". among their nearly innumerable virtues:
* endlessly amusing
* everyone in the band goes by both a first name and a last name
* the woman is an Obie
* they will do for strange things what the beatles did for other things


russ said...

If you have an "in" here, I'd appreciate it if you could tell that bearded dude not to roll around in the surf in clingy white shifts while a group of chicks are doing their washing there. I totally checked out his ass.

Nice and pert, tho.

tormp said...

unfortunately i don't. it's funny -- i had a very similar experience the first time through the video. you should go see them and mention it.

Johnny Virgil said...

wtf was that?

tormp said...

our first post ever about something other than wood-legged goats, and a heartwarming allegorical music video