03 May 2007

Blue Guitar!!


russ said...

Wow. Blue Guitar isn't even in the top 10, maybe 20, of things I would comment on here.

Forget the costuming of the band, the bizarre set, and the completely incompetent "dancing" of the kid in the maroon shirt and sweater vest. I think my #1 is the band's coifs, and specifically the bizarre long grey sideburns of the bassist...


Tromp sure does hang out with some weird kids.

tormp said...

bowie is fucking awesome.

though i have to say, after receiving the hunger on my netflix queue, it is becoming less likely for me to think "hey, bowie's in it, that'll be great"

the hunger (terrible)
the last temptation of christ (overrated)
the man who fell to earth (rip torn's penis)

dcass said...

bowie ages 1 year for every 3 that we age.