23 May 2007

A Cure for Mismatched Socks

I've always matched socks on color and style... but I guess numbers would work as well.
This is a great example of creating a need through marketing.
Nice music, too.


ChiliCon said...

If you didn't see it, check out the 'Product' section. This makes no sense.

russ said...

I don't see anyone out there with a cure for suit coats. What's wrong with mismatched socks?

tormp said...

it seems like numbering the socks only makes otherwise interchangeable socks more difficult to pair effectively.

for a real solution to the problem, see my "1foot" product, a painful brace that molds both of your feet into exactly the same contour over a period of five or six years. then all of your shoes and socks can have exactly the same shape. so if all of them are the same color, pairing is never an issue.

ChiliCon said...

Wait a minute. Are you saying paired socks can have different shapes? As in a left sock and a righ sock?

I've honestly never heard of such a thing.

tormp said...

maybe you are right. i had always assumed that my socks had chirality, and that i was being a rebel by ignoring it.

ChiliCon said...

What are you rebelling against?

What've you got?