09 August 2005

Calling all anchorbutts!!

I call on all Anchorbutt members to welcome non-members who wish to post intelligent or useful comments.

I call on all Anchorbutt members to mock and insult asshats who post vacuous comments strictly to drive traffic to their crappy web sites.

I guess this blog now gets enough traffic to be considered a place to fish for eyeballs, so our only options are (1) disable comments, (2) vigilantly delete the trash, or (3) respond in our own sarcastic way.

I pick #3. Who's with me?


russ said...

"I pick #3."

You would.

schmonz said...

When I think of Drew, I think of "a #3 picker".

kofno said...

If by 'sarcastic' you mean 'cock punch', then I'm all for it.

ChiliCon said...

heheh. Asshats.

schmonz said...

If your creativity's running low, try the Shakespearean Insult Generator.