28 August 2005

game over, man, game over

it's a trailer for doom the movie. disclaimer: ignant.

but: it looks like they're actually sticking some kind of extended first person sequence into the middle of the movie somewhere. footage resembles the game to a shocking extent.

maybe when they do zork the movie there can be a judiciously placed screenful of text somewhere. like those other movies. you know.

also: how long (in years) until The Rock makes a bid for legitimacy by switching over to his real name (i don't know, carlos rockfarb or something). do you think he'll do the mellencamp transition thing, where first it's 'englebert "the rock" malmsteen' and then the full cutover?



schmonz said...

I'm embarrassed to say I could have told you his real name is Dwayne Johnson without consulting IMDB. But maybe he'll also use his middle name ("Douglas" -- thanks, IMDB) initially.


kofno said...

He'll drop "The Rock" when he gets the part in the re-make of "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"