01 August 2005

Greatest Rock Guitar Solos

These arbitrary lists are always fodder for violent disagreement. Let the bickering begin!!

I didn't see Limozeen in the list anywhere.


russ said...

My favorite guitar solo of all time is the opening to 'Fish on' by Larry Lelond (Primus). I'm obviously not much of a guitar guy.

In fact my ultimate guitar was Doughty with Soul Coughing, where he would use it more as an occasional rythm instrument than anything else.

Ryan Leaf said...

You know, I've always told people that Price You Gotta Pay by Mr. Big's Paul Gilbert is the 199th greatest guitar solo of all time.

russ said...

I just heard Living Colour's "Cult of Personality" last night on radio (weird, eh?), and it's definitely my fourth favorite guitar work. After the aforementioned, and Neil Young's work on the 'Dead Man' soundtrack.