24 August 2005

I've got some killer turtle pics

I'm sure you guys have heard of Hello, the new hip/chat/picture sharing thing. But, C'mon... turtle pics? for ADVERTISING?! What's next? Why not just show Hitler using Instant Messager.


mani said...

what are turtle pics?

ChiliCon said...

Here's one.

mani said...

I guess I don't get dcass' joke, then.

ChiliCon said...

I was sort of implying that I don't get it either.

Maybe he was being sarcastic and meant that Hitler would be like the polar opposite of nice turtles.

I think it's better that we come up with other things that Turtle Pics could mean.

'Killer Turtle Pics' actually.

Turtle is probably another term for Nazis near the end of WWII. They 'turtled' in mainland Europe, trying to prevent an invasion.
Killer Turtles would obviously be killer Nazis. Thus the Hitler reference.

What do you think when you hear 'Killer Turtle Pics'?

kyl said...

i think doug was implying that the message displayed on his screen was not from someone that he knew, ie. that it was spam. specifically, some kind of phishing spam that was trying to get doug to follow a link or something with the promise of 'killer turtle pics', which is... weird.

kyl said...

if that sounded more like tormp than kyl, there's a good reason for it, too. sorry, kyl.

dcass said...

they give a screenshot example of how "cool" Hello is. And the guy wants to share "Killer Turtle pics" i thought it was odd.

and Hitler was a dick

dewey said...

Aren't the Adolescent Deformed Killer Turtles a cartoon? Michaelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, and DiCaprio?

PS to Chilicon...about three weeks ago when I was mowing the lawn, I finally figured out what your Anchorbutt name means.

ChiliCon said...

Tormp, the only obvious part of DCass's post was that the image he linked was an advertising screenshot.
Do you Fing homework next time.

Kyl, I'm sure, is already doing homework and doesn't have time for yours.

Dewey, I feel like we've grown closer.

russ said...

Someone should purge this thread. After reading it I feel a bit like when I freebase mercury.



tormp said...

i don't know what dcass is doing out there on the west coast. maybe he's really got some tool buddy named Louie J. anyway, i like my private version of reality better.

ChiliCon said...

Russ doesn't think it's funny.

I found someone else who thinks it's funny, dcass.

And here's someone that really has killer turtle pics.

russ said...

To be clear (not that anything else in this thread has been), I am protesting not the original post, but the 'Thread of Uncertainty'.


dcass said...

bank, i knew it was funny.

i mean seriously, daniel needs to give the turtle pics a rest.