09 August 2005

Rebuild The Wall

I don't have any particular reverence for (fur) Pink Floyd, but they were playing this crap in Chipotle today. In the name of Christ, people were trying to eat.


schmonz said...

Not as sacrilicious, but there's always "Gin and Juice" as performed by The Gourds.

not not fat said...

The mere usage of realaudio for the sampling shows their terrible terrible style.

Further proof that people are out of ideas, except for the idea of redoing pink floyd to bluegrass music.

One of my favorite quotes, in person - I was there, is "I don't like that classical music, but that f***in Trans-Siberia Orchestra kicks ass!'.

Something just made me think of that...

tormp said...

i think the last three times i actively started making fun of the trans-siberian orchestra, it was to a rabid fan. i apparently can't read people for shit.

does toby keith actually have a full length "i'm a ford truck man" song recorded somewhere? can people request it on their favorite radio station? wouldn't it be funny if "demolition man" actually portrayed an accurate vision of the future, where an evening's entertainment amounts to watching dan cortez do a cover of "in the valley of the jolly green giant" while having a sit-down dinner at taco bell?

in other news, i'm glad that jennifer aniston is finally telling HER SIDE of the story. maybe now i can get some fucking sleep.