17 August 2005

Suggested anchorbutt improvements

If you have improvements you'd like to see made to this site, please post them as comments under this post. I'm hereby volunteering dewey to make the changes, since I can't :)

(I thought of doing this offline like any sane, reasonable, non-pushy person, but this way everybody can join in.)

My ideas:

1) Don't use the 'Link:' feature when posting, because my RSS reader (thunderbird) doesn't give me an easy way to follow that link.
2) Alternatively, implement the first suggestion on this page, so that the link is always visible. - DONE
3) Fix up the css so that it's possible to tell if the post title is a link. Right now, the title looks the same whether it's clickable or not. - DONE
4) Give me whatever permissions are required for me to be able to do these things, and I'll just go about willy-nilly doing them :) - DONE (thanks!)


kofno said...

Linked titles have three colored dots next to them. Unlinked titles don't.

kofno said...

It looks like that suggestion (#2) is already implemented. Maybe you just need another rss reader.

truist said...

Ah... so that's what those dots mean. I'd still like something that's obvious :)

By "suggestion #2" do you mean *my* suggestion #2, or the second suggestion on the page I linked to? Because my suggestion #2 isn't implemented, although that page's second suggestion is.

(I feel like I could win an "obfuscated english" competition today, without even trying...)

kofno said...

I meant the page you linked linked to.

russ said...

I suggest I redesign without a blogger template. Ugh.

dewey said...

Knock yourselves out. kofno, truist, and russ are now administrators of anchorbutt.

Any other anchorbutt members wishing to administrate should speak up.