18 July 2006

I'm addicted to "Yacht Rock"

I dunno if you guys are down with channel 101 (the web programming channel where the lonely island - the guys behind "The Chronicles of Narnia" for SNL got their start). But some of the shows are pretty decent.

"Yacht Rock" is freakin' great.

Its a "Documentary" about the career starts of Michael McDonald, the Doobie Brothers and Kenny Loggins... but its a DRAMA. Hilarious.

I also recommend: "Laser Fart." Which is funnier than the name would lead you to believe. Basically its a spoof of superhero Movies/TV Shows.

And if you are really into it... check out "The 'Bu". Its the guys from the Lonely Island spoofing "The OC" very funny, too.

Skip Episodes 9, 10 and 11. They were made by some other guys after the Lonely Island troup left for SNL, and they are pure shit.

Other than that, poke around. The basic premise is: anyone can submit a show (a "pilot"). A crowd watches all the accepted submissions. If they like the pilot(if it gets voted in the top 5) it get put in "Prime Time" (in other words they ask them to make another). If they don't like it its a Failed Pilot... they don't ask you back. After you are in Prime Time, you get voted on for every submission (one show every month). If you get voted out or don't make a show for the month, you get cancelled. Neat concept. Apparently, they asked by FOX to do this for REAL television.

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dcass said...

oh yeah... one more thing. You can subscribe to the shows on iTunes as podcasts! Cool, eh?