18 August 2006

Proper grammar

Drew has taken me to task for taking him to task about the subjunctive (or what I perhaps erroneously called the "hypothetical conditional").

I mentioned that there are a lot of songs out there with misuage, but only one I know of that confronts the issue.

I Wish I Was A Lesbian by Loudon Wainwright III

Which apparently nerds love to make videos with.

Drew also says a little of that song goes a long way... which means this post should go insanely far.

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schmonz said...

This post has made my day several times now. I learned about the subjunctive in high school French, where my teacher gave bonus points for using it correctly. The result, of course, was that I often rephrased ordinary sentences so that they required the subjunctive. I even made a fantastically subtle joke about the subjunctive (wherein the subjunctive was incorrectly used) during a group presentation in class. Really, my life has been all downhill from there. Ah, would that I were back in those halcyon days...