23 February 2007

mp3 editor recommendation?

for os x. i'd like to clean up my ipod library for general usability. looking for a straight-ahead, hopefully free metatag editor for audio files, having a surprisingly difficult time. one of you... people... must know.

also, do mp3 metatags support multiple tags of the same type? e.g. for putting multiple authors on an album.


kofno said...

I can't think of an ID3 tag editor for OS X, but I think that your second question can be answered here: http://xrl.us/u3e7

I believe the short answer is... sorta. It looks like you can specify a lead artist, accompaniment, who remixed it, etc.

tormp said...

so iTunes is actually not too bad as an ID3 tag editor. you can do right-click or ctrl-click on a track, and attach a variety of info to the track.

you can also configure per-track playback info, like equalizer presets and volume offsets.

i didn't know about any of these features previously.