23 March 2007

Apple TV

Unbelievable and simple

I plugged it in yesterday and i was streaming DVD quality movie rips from my dinky powerbook to my TV.

Configuration steps:
plug it in
plug HDMI cable to tv
select wireless network
select source


cost kindof hurts (299 for device, 150 (WHAT!) for HDMI cable)

totally effin worth it, a library of 250 movies streaming to my tv
(not even mentioning music and photo coolness)

sorry for sounding off, but its cool


dewey said...

What other features does Apple TV have? Because you can watch DVDs on your TV in lots of cheaper ways.

ChiliCon said...

So is HDMI a total scam or what? Why is it any better than the standard component cables that cost like $20, for which everything has a connection?

ChiliCon said...

Any reason you didn't buy this HDMI cable?
Apple HDMI

Please tell me you didn't buy a Monster cable. Rip-off artists.

tormp said...

dewey's question seconded. though after dealing with damage on, say, 4 of the last 10 rental DVDs i've tried to watch, i'm about ready to switch to a viable streaming alternative.

kyl finally signed us up for netflix. i can't wait for frankenhooker to arrive.

dcass said...

Here's why its cool:
I have like 150 DVDs, which ive ripped to MPEG4 with Handbrake.

Now i just put the boxes for the DVDs in storage (with my CDs) and the movies are streaming to my TV. Just like ripping your CDs to iTunes.

And if someone WANTED to rip Netflix to their harddrive... they could... but that would be wrong.

I needed a long cable (16') that's why it was so expensive.

Other Features:
My TV is now like a big Photo picture frame cause the screen saver is my iPhoto album

All my music is now hooked up to my nice stereo system. Now when i have people over, they can just use the little "stick of gum" remote to choose songs. GREAT for parties.