05 July 2007


Imagine donating your body to science, thinking it would be used for education and research when in fact it is going to be posed like a velvet painting of dogs playing poker.


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tormp said...

if you look carefully, the guy on the left is playing the "dead man's hand".

hard to believe it's been two years since that was at the great lakes science center. one of the (many) interesting things about the bodyworlds exhibit as it was displayed in cleveland was the way the intensity of the -- splaying -- mounted as one passed from room to room.

the first couple of rooms were various limbs and organs laid out, like at the west side market. then there was a single, intact corpse at the entrance to the first main chamber. then it was an escalating sequence of surreal poses, culminating in bodies that had been diced apart and reassembled in a fashion that had a rubik's cube's ambivalent suggestion of inert order and violent insanity.

i also enjoyed the informational video that was played while standing in line outside. fun activities there include providing your own enthusiastic mr. science voiceover: "plastination is nearly painless!"