31 August 2007

Bowie + Mahir = Crazy Delicious

I googled the YouTube because Farty McTootlepants IM'd "I KEES YOU" when I enabled the comments atom feed. I was not disappointed.


tormp said...

someday, that could be us. if we keep mentioning him for the next five or six years, we're sure to get ranked for bowie searches. he could hold up a picture of (?) and go "goats... star wars... david bowie."

all you have to do is google "david bowie anchorbutt", and there we are. david bowie fans must be visiting us in droves. similarly, "wood legged goats anchorbutt", right here.

on a final, obliquely related note. visiting www.hampsterdance.com is a sad, sad experience. member areas. trademark logos. dance mixes. hamsters in hip-hop gear. damn every thing in the world that could produce and sustain such a thing. come back never, the internet is fucking closed.

dewey said...

"goats... star wars... david bowie."


Anybody got David Bowie's email address? I'll invitate him to be a contributor!

the internet is fucking closed

Elton John famously said we should close down the internet. I don't think he meant it in the same sense you did, but maybe -- in a sad way -- he is getting what he wanted.