12 November 2007

Anybody catch last Sunday's Sponge Bob?

Cameo by Bowie.

Haven't had a Bowie post in a while.


tormp said...

episode? linked article says he has a role in the forthcoming movie.

dewey said...

Looks like a 1 hour special, and it's on tonight not last night. Hells bells, how hard is it to get this stuff straight?

Back in MY day, you had 3 networks and one UHF channel -- two if the weather was right. There was no confusion about what was on when because the newspaper sent you a little book every Sunday with the whole week's schedule printed on paper.


dcass said...

       end world hunger

i get it... did you see the message?

russ said...

My parents still use that sill TV Week book in the paper. Bizarre.