19 December 2007

How many five-year-olds could you take in a fight?


I can take 23.


russ said...

Em effers! 21! Less than old man Drew? I might get dinged for being out of shape, and I admit to some squeamishness to punching a 5yo (although not if the vicious little bugger were attacking me), but the only thing I can think that would explain this is if Drew has faught swarms before. Admit it, drew, you've stolen kabobs in the market of Mogadishu.

tormp said...

apparently i'm all talk, i only got 20. I'm going to work out a little and take the test again next month.

Patricula said...

23 here.

I think that's deceptive though. If you take the first one and kill it thoroughly and grusomely, you'll really take the fight out of the others. Rip the head off one then dribble it like a basketball or just smash it to the ground like an overripe cantelope, then see how the other 22 react.

Anyone need a babysitter? My schedule is free for some reason.

dewey said...

Well, I said I can kick pretty high.

I also put the maximum answer down for all the "moral compass" questions. If the pretext of this mental exercise is to find out how many of 'em you can take on, then I don't see any reason to hold back.

FWIW, I think the test is inaccurate. In reality, I could probably only handle two or three before succumbing.

mani said...

I was able to take 24! I have fought the Zerg, so that must be it. Also, based on fights with my brother, I copped to the willingness to fight dirty.

ChiliCon said...

Whoa, 28, and I even said I was morally ambiguous about fighting 5 year olds.
I think the couple years of JuJitsu has a big effect. And the Zerg.
I think 1 would be a problem, though. Different moves.

PestProJoe said...

Now that was fun... But I can barely handle my own 5 year in a fight!... so if it were my kid the scores would be a lot lower.

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truist said...

24. Based on the Zerg and my overall hugeness, I think.

kofno said...

I'm at 26. Some martial arts and swarm experience help.