21 April 2009

shameless self-promotion (for my OSS project)

I've published a small library I wrote for logging performance in a Spring-based application. It's called beet, it's at http://beet.sourceforge.net. Just mentioning it here since I know a bunch of you do some Java. And yes, I know there are other tools and libraries that do similar things, but all of them suffer from longer names and none of them are written by me. I'll add a "punch my cock" link to the project home page if there's sufficient demand.


dewey said...

I'm certain that such a link will confuse visitors who are not familiar with our tradition, which will be nearly all of them.

I'll skip the obvious jokes about "beet" sounding like "beat".

kofno said...

It's always better when the cockpunch comes from the commenters anyway.

tormp said...

my favorite comments from that video:

hotforjpn I want to be kicked or grabbed by my sack in front of my japanese g.f

abhimanyu5 no u need to be punched in the balls by ur psychiatrist :)

hotforjpnOh, YES!!! A beautiful, scantly dressed middle aged woman that will also let me put my massive 3" into her.. I hope she uses electrical shock on my testes,too.. NOw go back to your camel for some company..he,he,he

was that exchange... hostile? confused? racist?