21 September 2007

Go homunculus!

I don't know how this could be any creepier. Pumpkins grown in the shape of human faces.

via Make Blog.


tormp said...

i don't know if it could be creepier. maybe with blue irises painted on the eyes.

this reminds me of pan's labyrinth. did you guys see this film (only recently for me)? say yes!

truist said...


I saw it, and thought it was fantastic. It was one of the few movies I've seen recently that kept me thinking long after the movie was over, and was enjoyable to watch.

tormp said...

yeah, there were a few plot points that really surprised me (no spoilers to post beyond that). i also liked the understated approach to fantasy -- no fairy dust, strings swelling, crazy crane shots or CGI masturbation. it reminded me a bit of 'heavenly creatures', though even stronger in most ways. and, in anchorbutt tradition, i think comparisons of this film to the other "labyrinth" are totally germane.

i listened to a bit of del toro's director's commentary on the DVD. his commentaries are great; he prepares notes, and speaks copiously on both thematic construction and production details. he said a few surprising things about the nature of fantasy in the narrative (like, that he intended it to be interpreted objectively, or at least intended there to be ambiguity on that point). he also mentioned that he intended this film to be a sister production of sorts to "the devil's backbone", which i'll have to check out.

it's so nice to see the whole director's commentary practice justified beyond the usual "wow, i just loved working with X, who is a genius" and profligate use of obnoxious words like "gravitas".

i was also trying to figure out why the translation as "pan's labyrinth", instead of just "labyrinth of the faun". is pan more recognizable than faun? did "labyrinth of the faun" sound too family-friendly?

also fun to speculate: at what age would you think about exposing children to a movie like this?

mani said...

2-cents: I suspect Pan is more recognizable than Faun. I, at least, think of "fauna" when I hear "faun"

I liked the movie, too, but for some reason I was particularly annoyed/confused by the girl's inability to refuse the banquet food. Was she hypnotized in the cavern? I would have expected such weakness of will from Alice but not from this girl.

tormp said...

yeah, her behavior there was strange given that she and her mother were living in a home of relative opulence.

i think that scene was supposed to mirror the conflict between the fascists and the local peasants over the rationing of food. it fits into the general theme of disobedience in the film -- why shouldn't she eat the damned grape? she clearly has an independent streak. especially when contrasted to the passive people in the countryside, who only eat when their fascist overlords tell them, and starve because of it (also noting the threat of death is what was used as a control in both cases).

dcass said...

i didn't think it was realistic.

tormp said...

yes dcass, the faun's teeth were far too white.

the only thing i wanted more of were shots of the faun's awesome goat legs. BLEEEEAT.

dcass said...

that's hollywood for ya. white teeth, perfect skin, not enough goat legs