15 October 2007

Your world is not what it was

I changed some things:
-altered the page template to the new blogger system, which allows cool drag and drop layout and a widget system, but also allows some editing of the underlying code
-added labels widget, hacked it to only show tags used more than twice
-hacked the post template to only show the author on the individual item page, not on our front page

If anyone dislikes anything, comment below.

Maybe I'll do some actual look and feel hacking, too, cuz this template is fugly. It'd also be cool to add the number of posts by contributors next to their name, but haven't figured that out yet.


dewey said...

Ya, how about reviving the "posted by" field?

Or is this how we are implementing the "who posted this?" contest?

dewey said...

And where is the promised tag cloud?

russ said...

To answer your first question:

"-hacked the post template to only show the author on the individual item page, not on our front page"

Frank thought it would be fun to guess who posted what. Easily removed if you like.

For your third question, consider it a cumulonimbus cloud. Tall column. Frankly, clouds are dumb. Visually weighting makes most of it illegible. Plus, from what I can tell of the hack to make it, it can't be limited to a certain number, which means we'll have hundreds over there.

dewey said...

Oh, I see.

I'm still getting used to the links below each post.

I guess the only thing I really object to in the new template is down there in the "national pornographic" post, the sub-headings seem to have the three-dot icon next to them as if they were top-level headings. That makes it a little confusing.

dewey said...

This template has a fever, and the only cure is....more cowbell.

Who says wikipedia is not an indiscriminate collection of information?

tormp said...

what is 'links to this post'?

russ said...

A confusing jumble of useless letters. I suppose if anyone ever thought we said something worthwhile, we'd find that it had content. I'll leave it a little bit but probably clean up wall that new crap under each post at the end of the week.

Go Tribe.

russ said...

Fixed the header issue (see: nat'l porno). The sub headers were defined as h3, same as the post title. Copied the h3 def to h2, and removed the circles from the h2. Bumped the size of h2 up a bit.

dcass said...

would anyone be against me taking a crack at a design (a different background)

I think its time to start wearing anchorbutt T-Shirts and sweatbands

dewey said...

Do it! Cold rock the layout.

russ said...

agreed. design.